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Quebec City: Build it and they will come

September 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

If Q.C. every wants to have their cherished Nordiques back in town, they’ve got to build this new arena. Yes, it’s expensive, yes there isn’t a guarantee that the NHL will return to “La Belle Province,” and yes the minor league Remparts play there, but the people of Quebec deserve and need a new arena. The Colisée Pepsi can’t support an NHL team, but with a new arena there is no question that Quebec City can host a viable franchise.

Read the National Post Article Here

There are two sides to the story. The feds are taking a lot of heat for providing funds to yet another Quebec project. They claim that federal funding for the Q.C. arena will set a dangerous precedent and lead the government down a slippery slope in doling out more money to that province. I don’t buy that. It’s about time the feds start funding more civic projects. Regina needs a new football stadium, and Hamilton’s Copps Coliseum is in serious need of a face lift. The feds ought to partially fund these projects and end this regional bickering. Quebec is closer to an NHL team then many other towns, this may be the boost they need to make that dream a reality.

Quebec Nordiques

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