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Wi-Lan, Mosaid eye Nortel Remnants

Ottawa based Wi-Lan Inc. and Mosaid Technologies are eyeing some of Nortel Network‘s patents, particularly those related to advanced wireless capabilities and smartphones. As mentioned earlier, the bankrupt Nortel owns thousands of patents which are currently being sold off in order to pay off the company’s debts and creditors.  Wi-Lan executives seem very interested in acquiring Nortel’s 4G patents.

We have a high degree of interest in the 4G parents

Fourth generation or ‘4G’ technology uses an Internet-protocol based technology called Long Term Evolution, or LTE. LTE promises to deliver high-speed internet to mobile phones allowing users to download videos and use other media intensive applications in significantly less time than what the current 3G network can provide. 4G is expected to become the global standard for wireless networks carrying data traffic generated by the widespread use of smartphones.

In additon to the 4G patents, Mosaid has expressed interest in Nortel’s patents related to optical telecommunications networks. The value of Nortel’s petents is estimated to have a value of approximately $1B.

Ottawa, ON

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