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Nokia Files Patent Suits Against Apple in Wisconsin and Delaware

The U.S. division of Nokia OYJ  is suing Apple Inc. in the Federal District Court in the Western District of Wisconsin for patent infringement. According to the National Post (May 11, 2010) Nokia purports that Apple’s new iPad and iPhone 3GS infringe on five of their patents.

These patents relate to:

  • enchanced speech and data transmission
  • antenna designs/configurations that are more compact and thus able to fit into increasingly smaller and thinner devices

Nokia has also initiated legal proceedings against Apple in the District of Delaware and the International Trade Commission citing 17 different purported patent infringements. In the lawsuits, Nokia has added the new iPad to a list of devices that it claims infringe its patents.

The case is expected to take between eight and 12 months before trial. Nokia seeks preliminary injunctive relief. However this remedy is unlikely because since the iPad has been on the market for such a short period of time, it will be difficulty for Nokia to demonstrate “irreparable harm.”

[Wisconsin] is an emerging “rocket docket” that specializes in biotech and technology intellectual property litigation cases. 

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